Sick & Tired

By Wiser Press | April 1, 2021

Your lifeline to navigate invisible illness ~ helping you create a “safe zone” to endure mystery health problems while waiting for a medical verdict. Even if your diagnosis is pending or there is no cure, you can still take control of your own health, safety and symptoms.

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Complete List of Magazines

By Wiser Press | March 15, 2021

All of these magazines are free. There are absolutely NO hidden fees! Each day, we curate the best news, articles, videos, podcasts and quality distractions from around the world so that you can enjoy your favorite subjects, while blocking out the news that you don’t want.

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Cover for "In Pursuit of Happiness" Magazine

In Pursuit of Happiness

By Wiser Press | March 5, 2021

Searching for the missing links that make life worth living.

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Women’s Clubhouse

By Wiser Press | February 19, 2021

Handbook for all the stuff that affects a woman’s life ~

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Hollywood Clubhouse

By Wiser Press | April 5, 2020

Magazine ::: The famous and their universe. Sharing production news from big Hollywood blockbusters to what’s available for streaming at home.

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Wall Art

By wiserwiki | July 13, 2011

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A Hospital For The Mind

By Pauline Wiser | May 5, 2020

Find yourself and your freedom. Learn the secret of cultivating your character and building your life, effortlessly.

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Top 10 Terrifying Animals Found in Rivers

By The Fish Guys | November 27, 2020

Just when you thought it’s safe to swim in rivers, we give you yet 10 more reasons why you shouldn’t.

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Ambient TV & Affirmations

By wiserwiki | December 5, 2020

Ambient videos, chill mix music, deep focus audio, affirmations, hypnosis and sleep audio

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Gorgeous Estate Near Atlanta Listed for $5 Million

By Mogulvee | May 7, 2016

This luxury estate really packs a lot of amenities and space for $5 million. I’m especially fond of the barber...

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“Pushy” Deaf Kid’s Mom

By wiserwiki | August 27, 2020

When a child grows up with a learning impairment or physical disability, the way their parent deals with it will make a world of difference in that child’s quality of life.

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Helpful Links for Environmental Sensitivity

By wiserwiki | October 10, 2011

Toxic Dust May Explain Troops’ Health Problems Common Scents Can Be Harmful to Human Health No Scents, Please! The Harmful...

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Contact Us

By wiserwiki | May 17, 2020

How to contact the team at Wiser Wiki, Wiser Press, and Wiser Innovation.

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woman in gray sweater sitting on brown wooden bench

How to Be Rich and Happy ~ Internally

By Pauline Wiser | September 28, 2019

I’m about to share a note with you that someone gave me twenty years ago. I was at a seminar...

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Buddhist Proverb

By wiserwiki | May 6, 2020

Past, present and future. Of these three, learn to be present.

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News Feeds

By wiserwiki | December 5, 2020

News Feeds; see the latest stories from our 125+ magazines, along with a few other popular sources.

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