Life is getting scary for so many older people because their retirement plans are shifting dramatically due to the pandemic and the faultering economy. #VanLife is one plan that some elders are choosing as a solution. They are re-writing the rules of how to earn a living while on the road. Here’s a peek into their fascinating, daring, nomadic lifestyle…

How Some Older Americans Are Monetizing Their #VanLife

With large parts of the economy still sputtering under the weight of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are having to scale back. But some older Americans were already living a minimalist lifestyle on the road — and some of them have leveraged their nomadic approach into income. Economics correspondent Paul Solman has their story as part of our Making Sense series on Unfinished Business

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VanLife Tour: A/C, Heated Floors,
Huge Power System, Back Seating
What else could you need?!

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