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John D. Rockefeller

By Mogulvee | November 5, 2010

John Davison Rockefeller (July 8, 1839 – May 23, 1937) American Industrialist Click for Full Profile on Wikipedia Monopolizing the...

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Your Destiny Unfolds

By Pauline Wiser | October 24, 2018

  Your Destiny Unfolds As You Write It… Choose Wisely  Every moment presents a new opportunity for choice. Every action ~...

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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (1966)

By Mogulvee | October 2, 2017

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (1966) – A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance...

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The Rum Diary w Johnny Depp ~ movie trailer

By Mogulvee | October 30, 2011

IMDb › The Rum Diary  |  More Video Footage Johnny Depp  |  Amber Heard  |  Aaron Eckhart Release Date: 28...

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Underwater Lounge Custom-Built for Homeowner

By The Fish Guys | May 9, 2016

Homeowner Stephen Fisher owns one of the most unique rooms ever made. This video tour (a segment of “Million Dollar...

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Buddhist Proverb

By wiserwiki | May 6, 2020

Past, present and future. Of these three, learn to be present.

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UpFlip TV

By Pauline Wiser | February 5, 2020

UpFlip is a company with a passion for educating and inspiring small business owners. Nowadays, that kind of information can...

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Airline Security from the Carol Burnett Show (Full Sketch)

By Mogulvee | April 18, 2020

Do you miss traveling? This quarantine trend around the world has got everyone dreaming of a time when they get...

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Best Friend, Love Of My Life

By wiserwiki | October 29, 2020

The animals we love, care for, rescue and invite as part of our family. They bring us joy and comfort in times of stress. Thank goodness for our animals, our friends!

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Sign for Fragrance Restricted Environment

By Pauline Wiser | September 7, 2018

Many policy-makers are having to post “fragrance sensitivity” signs as they become inundated with complaints. Here is a little helping...

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A Matter of Honor

By Wiser Press | October 21, 2019

Magazine ::: Defining the “backbone factor” ~ the characteristics that foster bravery and nobility in the face of tribulations. #whistleblowers #resistance

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By Wiser Press | October 22, 2019

Magazine ::: Sexual slavery, human trafficking, and the fringe issues that foster this ongoing threat for vulnerable people.

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Cover for "In Pursuit of Happiness" Magazine

In Pursuit of Happiness

By Wiser Press | March 5, 2021

Searching for the missing links that make life worth living.

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Women’s Clubhouse

By Wiser Press | February 19, 2021

Handbook for all the stuff that affects a woman’s life ~

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Workers Desperately Needed for Skilled Trade Apprenticeships

By wiserwiki | January 30, 2021

Skilled trades are seeing a massive dropoff in workers as the older generation retires. Apprenticeships lead to stable, high-paying jobs that never go out of style. Society will always need plumbers and electricians. If you are struggling to find a way out of hardship, consider this your most valuable invitation ever!

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Book Series in the Works: Handbook For Living

By wiserwiki | January 21, 2021

New book series called “Handbook for Living” will share the best expert tips on how to survive and thrive in life ~

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