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Smartphone Backgrounds to Cheer Your Day!

By wiserwiki | September 6, 2018

Below are 4 gorgeous smartphone backgrounds for you to enjoy!

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Lambo winner crashes his ride within hours

By Mogulvee | December 23, 2011

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Do It Anyway

By Pauline Wiser | May 4, 2020

A formula to shape the foundation of your values. The Paradoxical Commandments by Dr. Kent M. Keith.

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Zen Roots

By Wiser Press | April 7, 2020

“When the roots are deep, a tree will not fall – no matter how big the storm.” ~ Pauline Wiser # zen, vipassana, tao, meditation, yoga, tai chi, clarity, mindfulness, focus, chi, kundalini, enlightenment, awakening, zen buddhism, peace, reiki, life force, pilates ~

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Arnold Schwarzenegger tells his secret 6 rules of success

By Pauline Wiser | July 31, 2020

The most inspiring speech that broke the internet and will change lives. Learn the secrets of how to go from zero to hero in your own life. This is the formula to make that transformation!

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By Wiser Press | September 6, 2020

Entrepreneurial and corporate ventures, owning, operating, startups, VCs, IPOs, funding, hiring, leadership techniques, managing people, decision-making, innovation, invention, lateral thinking (ways to see problems from unique angles).

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Elise LeGrow – Who Do You Love

By Mogulvee | April 5, 2020

Music video “Who Do You Love” by Elise LeGrow (remake of The Doors song)

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Lady Gaga sends anti-bullying message to Toronto school

By Pauline Wiser | January 5, 2012

Lady Gaga responds to a Toronto fan’s letter with a video message that he could use in his role as...

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George C. Boldt

By Mogulvee | November 5, 2010

George C. Boldt was the first mogul of luxury hotels ›› details at wiki

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By Wiser Press | October 22, 2019

Magazine ::: Tips and tricks to get through the holidays. Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, etc.

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Ingenious Table

By wiserwiki | May 13, 2011

Ingenious Expanding Table

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Michael Douglas Exclusive Story at The Hollywood Reporter

By Mogulvee | December 1, 2010

Michael Douglas Breaks Silence on How He’s Doing Exclusive Story at The Hollywood Reporter – Very interesting! ‹READ FULL STORY›

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Weekly Favorites ~ No. 39

By wiserwiki | December 20, 2020

Stories you’ll flip over! Curating the best stories of the week from our friends on Flipboard.

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Matthew McConaughey Wants You To Find Your Frequency | Rich Roll Podcast

By wiserwiki | December 18, 2020

His onscreen charisma is not dimmed in this podcast. Matthew McConaughey is every bit the majestic storyteller sharing his truth in amusing ways. His wisdom is beautifully simple as he describes the path to finding himself, developing character, and overcoming the hedonism of ‘celebrity’.

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Adorably Rude Dating Story ‘The Last Belle’ – Award Winning

By wiserwiki | December 16, 2020

This animated short film is amusing and delightfully shocking. It shows the hidden side of online dating that we don’t usually get too see!

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How Some Older Americans Are Monetizing Their #VanLife

By wiserwiki | December 15, 2020

#VanLife is one plan that some elders are choosing as a solution to the faultering economy. They are re-writing the rules of how to earn a living while on the road. Here’s a peek into their fascinating, daring, nomadic lifestyle…

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